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Vote for the Renewal of King

Posted by Cleve Mortelliti On October - 21 - 2010

Dear Fellow King Residents,

On Monday October 25th, you will have the power to steer King in a positive new direction by electing a new Mayor for our Township.

King needs renewal on council, and we need it in the Mayor’s chair more than ever. Margaret Black has lost the confidence and the trust of the majority of the Township’s residents for having abandoned us when we needed her most while she sought the Newmarket-Aurora federal Liberal nomination.

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While doing this:

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1) She failed to stand up for the Holland Marsh Growing Area from a Gas Fired Power Generating Plant – the crown jewel of King, the vegetable basket of North America, the place that puts healthy food on our tables.

2) And after telling everyone in 2006 that either King City or Nobleton would be the site of the new Township Recreation Facility, she not so coincidentally sent a 9.44 million dollar grant to Schomberg at the exact same time that she was rumoured as the Liberal candidate for Newmarket-Aurora – a nice little farewell gift to the home of her grass roots support over the last 15 years.


She’s let the majority of King down so badly that it would be just plain wrong for her to be handed the privilege to wear the chain of office again. And that’s the fear I have with 4 candidates running for Mayor. The reality is that this is a two horse race between Steve Pellegrini and Margaret Black. The others, with no disrespect intended, do not have the Township wide appeal to win this.

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So to all those who now feel that change is needed, you won’t change anything if you vote for either of the other two. All you’re going to do is split your vote, and very likely hand the mayoralty back to Margaret Black.

But if you feel that a new direction is needed, then on October 25th, help me to ensure that every village and hamlet, every rural resident and every corner of King is fairly and respectfully represented in the future.

On Monday October 25th lets all vote for Steve Pellegrini. It’s the only way to ensure your vote for change will make a difference.


Cleve Mortelliti,

Councillor – Ward 1, Township of King

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My name is Cleve Mortelliti and I am the Councillor for Ward 1 in the Township of King, Ontario – Canada. I love this Township. King City has been my home since 1972. From 2004 to 2006 I had the privilege to work as an Engineering Administrator for the Township of King. But my overriding desire to make a real difference and to have a more positive, impactful influence on the shape and form of the development wave that is coming to King, led me to leave my employment with the Township and declare my candidacy for Councillor of Ward 1 (King City, Snowball, Kettleby). At approximately 10:00pm on November 13th, 2006 I was truly thrilled to learn that the residents and ratepayers of Ward 1 had bestowed their trust in me to serve as their councillor for the next 4 years . In the successive 2010, and 2014 elections I was re-elected by acclamation. It remains my honour and privilege to serve King.

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