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About Cleve

Posted by Cleve Mortelliti On September - 11 - 2014

Cleve Mortelliti (2006)

Councillor for Ward 1 in the Township of King, Ontario, Canada

November 2006 – Present

From 2004 to 2006 Cleve worked as an Engineering Administrator for the Township of King. In may of 2006 he left the employment of King Township and declared his candidacy for Councillor of Ward 1 (King City) his home town since 1972. In November of 2006 he was elected as Councillor. In September of 2010 he was acclaimed to his second term of council and in January 2011 was appointed Deputy Mayor.  In September of 2014 Cleve was once again acclaimed to serve a third term of council.



Education – Trent University, Peterborough, ON

Graduated 1992, B.A., English Literature

From 1988-1990 Cleve was enrolled at York University as a Philosophy Major, he then transferred to Trent University to focus on English Literature with the intent of attending teachers college upon graduation, (the need to payoff student debt steered him onto a different path).

Professional/Work Experience

30 years experience in the Civil Engineering/Land Development Industry

In addition to having worked in the Engineering Department of the Township of King, over his 30 years in the industry Cleve has worked for a number of prominent civil engineering firms, Cosburn Patterson Mather Ltd, Stantec Consulting Ltd, and R.J. Burnside & Associates to name a few. He is currently employed as a Land Development Manager with a highly respected family owned land development firm based out of the City of Barrie. Cleve manages all of the company’s residential development projects located within the Town of Innisfil.

In his election platform of 2006, Cleve offered his work experience as an asset that he would use in defense of King Township.

“Sanitary servicing clears the way for unprecedented growth in King City. It took over 150 years for this village to reach a population of 5,000; now, with sanitary servicing, we will see the doubling of population within 6-8 years. This will have a very real impact not only on King City, but on Snowball, Kettleby the and surrounding rural areas. We need to control growth as best as we can. I have the relevant knowledge and the experience to help guide our municipality through the oncoming development wave”.

Cleve Mortelliti (2009)

Cleve Mortelliti (2010)

Growth and development continue to dominate and alter the landscape and put significant strain on the Townships limited resources and  will continue to do so for the next 10 years or more.

Certifications: Cleve is a Certified Member of the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists – OACETT.

Help Cleve continue to manage growth in King City and to be your Voice in King, on October 27th, Vote to Re-Elect Cleve Mortelliti as your councillor for Ward 1.


Cleve with his wife and two boys and their German Sherpherd Lola.

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My name is Cleve Mortelliti and I am the Councillor for Ward 1 in the Township of King, Ontario – Canada. I love this Township. King City has been my home since 1972. From 2004 to 2006 I had the privilege to work as an Engineering Administrator for the Township of King. But my overriding desire to make a real difference and to have a more positive, impactful influence on the shape and form of the development wave that is coming to King, led me to leave my employment with the Township and declare my candidacy for Councillor of Ward 1 (King City, Snowball, Kettleby). At approximately 10:00pm on November 13th, 2006 I was truly thrilled to learn that the residents and ratepayers of Ward 1 had bestowed their trust in me to serve as their councillor for the next 4 years . In the successive 2010, and 2014 elections I was re-elected by acclamation. It remains my honour and privilege to serve King.

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